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Bicycle Accident and Injury Attorney

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West New York Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you don’t protect your rights following a bicycle accident, you may not be able to make a claim. Experienced personal injury attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom can help provide sound legal advice and work with you to help you recover fairly and safely. Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to pay you as little as they can. You need an experienced New Jersey bicycle accident attorney with proven results to fight for you.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle riders who are injured due to an accident with a car while riding a bike can suffer serious, life threatening injuries which can result in costly medical bills. The severity of most bicycle accident injuries is simply due to the fact that bicyclists are much less physically protected from harm. In addition to death, bicycle-related injuries can result in severe injuries such as:

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can last months, years or a lifetime and completely change a victim’s life, as well as the lives of his or her family. This is especially true when the victim was a primary financial provider.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can lead to complete or incomplete paralysis in the form of quadriplegia / tetraplegia (which affect all four limbs), paraplegia (which affects the lower limbs only) and a host of other immobility impairments which can require lifestyle modifications such as wheelchair use, stair and chair lifts, vans specifically designed to transport wheelchairs, ramps and the widening of hallways and bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Loss of limbs

Losing limbs are also life changing events that may require victims to go through rehabilitation to learn how to use prosthetic devices (if available) and affect the overall quality of life for the victim and his or her family.

All of these injuries, as well as fractures, broken bones, scrapes and contusions, can result in extensive hospital stays which can place an extreme financial burden on families – especially when the injured victim isn’t able to work.

Bicycle Accident Expenses

In addition to hospital costs, injured bicycle victims can suffer other types of expenses and damages such as future medical care / rehabilitation, loss of income, physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and others.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Bergen County NJ | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Future medical care/rehabilitation

Putting aside the overwhelming hospital costs listed above, bicycle accident victims who have been seriously injured may need months, years or a lifetime of future medical care and rehabilitation to restore quality of life.

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Loss of income

Bicycle accident victims may not be able to work full time, or at all, after their injury. While other forms of supplemental income may be available, those are generally only a fraction of one’s total income. When a bicycle accident is due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to income you’ve already lost and income that you would have earned in the future.

Personal Injury Overview

Physical and emotional pain and suffering

Personal injury damages can include compensation for the past and future physical and emotional pain and suffering you endure due to someone else’s negligence. Each case is unique, please contact Jeffrey M. Bloom if you feel that you are suffering.

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Loss of quality of life

Injured bicycle accident victims may no longer be able to have the quality of life they were used to due to their injuries. For avid bicyclists, not being able to ride anymore is a prime example. However, it can affect many other areas of your life such as being able to play sports, exercise or simply go on a long walk.

These are just some of the damages for which injured bicycle accident victims may be compensated.


It’s important to understand that every case is different. Having an experienced bicycle accident injury lawyer represent your best interests can get you every bit of the compensation you’re entitled to by fully investigating the accident, determining your overall medical costs, lost income and other damages and making certain that insurance company representatives do not try to bully you into accepting a settlement for less than you deserve.

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