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Complex and Contested Divorce Lawyer

Jeffrey M. Bloom

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Some divorces are straightforward. Separating couples who have few assets and who agree on issues like child support and child custody can finalize their divorce with very few complications. But for many couples, divorce proceedings can be stressful, heated, and tiresome. Our law office offers a compassionate and professional approach to contested divorces, and we work hard to fully protect your interests.

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Bloom Law Office, West New York

Common Issues that are Contested during a Divorce

Divorce is almost by definition an antagonistic process, and virtually any aspect of the agreement can cause complications. However, some factors more commonly lead to contested cases than others, including:


Issues like these can complicate divorce cases and drag the proceedings out much longer than either party would like. Adding to the complexity of these cases is the fact that spouses don’t always act honestly. Some may hide assets in a closely held business to avoid paying their fair share. Others may attempt to hide behind a legally non-binding prenuptial agreement to get out of their obligations.

Bloom Law Office, West New York

Experienced West New York Contested Divorce Attorney

Mr. Bloom goes to great lengths to look out for your interests. He works with independent appraisers, accounting professionals, and other specialists to ensure that the division of property in your contested divorce is fair. Mr. Bloom considers a wide range of factors to argue for the most equitable division of property in your divorce case. If we suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, we’ll go to whatever lengths are necessary to make sure that the final agreement is fair.


In addition, Mr. Bloom is experienced in handling high net worth divorces, in which one or both spouses owns significant assets like businesses, stock investments, offshore bank accounts, inheritances, real estate and other lucrative assets. By thoroughly evaluating the impact of possible outcomes, Mr. Bloom will ensure the security of your long-term financial interests and credit ratings.


Finally, child custody is among the most commonly contested aspects of divorce law. Mr. Bloom has the experience you need to arrive at an agreement that best serves the interests of all involved, parents and children alike.

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