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Workers’ Compensation Benefit Types

You're entitled to benefits regardless of fault

New Jersey Worker Compensation Benefits

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A worker who is hurt in the course of his employment is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. There are three (3) specific types of benefits:

  • Temporary Disability
  • Medical Treatment
  • Permanent Disability


All employers in New Jersey are legally obligated to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, even if companies have just a few employees. Federal employees are covered by federal insurance programs.


When an employer has workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, it is the insurance company that pays for the expenses related to an accident at work. Such expenses may include reasonable medical treatment, loss of wages during the period of rehabilitation and benefits for defined disabilities.


Mr. Bloom has helped employees such as truck drivers, factory employees, construction workers, and office workers recover workers’ compensation benefits for a wide range of work-related injuries resulting in a variety of benefits paid to workers.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers' Compensation Benefit TypesMedical Benefits

Workers’ compensation pays all related medical treatment costs, including those for therapeutic treatments. Medical benefits pay necessary medical care to treat your work-related injury or illness.


Temporary Disability

If the doctor determines that the employee cannot return to work for a period of over one (1) week, the employee is entitled to be given temporary disability benefits. Those benefits should be paid retroactive to the initial date the employee stops working. The benefits are paid at a rate of 70% of the employee’s salary up to a maximum amount set by the legislature each year. The benefits are not taxable.


Permanent Disability

Permanent disabilities are awarded at the conclusion of the case if the injured worker has sustained a permanent disability. The award is exclusively for the injured worker’s permanent disability and does not compensate him for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, or any damage his spouse may suffer as a result of his injuries.


After an employee has completed treatment, his attorney secures all medical records relevant to the treatment and he is then examined to determine whether or not he has sustained a permanent disability. The worker will be examined by medical experts on behalf of his employer as well as his attorney. After the worker has been evaluated by all medical experts, the parties will attempt to resolve the case for a percentage of disability. A percentage is determined based upon the nature of the injury, treatment provided and body part affected. The value of all injuries in New Jersey are based upon the extent of the injury, body part affected and income of the worker at the time of the accident. If the parties cannot agree to an amount of permanent disability, the matter will be tried before a Judge of compensation who will determine whether or not a permanent injury has been sustained and, if so, the extent of that injury.

Rules and regulations of the workers’ comp program can be confusing or overwhelming. This may result in problems with a claim. Many claims are denied because employers fail to file the appropriate documents. This leads to the injured worker going without proper treatment and / or temporary disability payment. This is why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in your case from the beginning.

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