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Fathers have rights. However, those rights sometimes are overlooked during a contested divorce. The issue can be further complicated if there are doubts about the paternity of a child. Paternity issues may become even more difficult when the parents are not married or not living together, even though the law does not differentiate.

At our West New York firm, the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, we have the sensitivity and dedication to provide parents advice and counsel on how paternity issues may affect them. If a hearing is needed, we will provide vigorous representation dedicated to preserving the rights of the client. To discuss questions related to paternity, contact our West New York law office. We have been serving Hudson County, Bergen County and all of North Jersey since 1988.

New Jersey Paternity Attorney

We counsel men and women about paternity rights

A difficult husband who fights a divorce is not necessarily a bad father. The mother cannot contest a father’s right to see a child if his paternity has been proven by a test — something that can be ordered by a court. Although fathers who are demonstrably abusive or otherwise dangerous to the child may have restrictions placed upon their contact with the child, it is legally difficult to oppose the right of a father to be involved in his child’s life.


Paternity disputes should not substitute for fights over custody of the children. If a father wants to be involved in a child’s life, that option is readily available, and should not be limited because of spite or anger. Most family court judges agree with this principle. Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom counsels clients honestly about the probable outcome of paternity disputes before a family court judge.

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