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Following a divorce, both spouses are expected to abide by the terms laid out in a divorce decree. When one party violates the terms of a divorce decree (for child support, child custody, or spousal support, for example), the other party may wish to seek an enforcement action.


There are many remedies available to resolve a violation of a court order. The person violating the order may be held in contempt of court, the violator’s wages may be garnished, and he/she may even be incarcerated. Talk to us to determine your specific legal options.

Enforcement of Orders

Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom assists with enforcement of the following:


Child support

An enforcement may be appropriate if one party is refusing to pay child support or is consistently late in payments. The other parent may be able to seek payments for missed child support payments as well as attorney fees for filing the motion.


Child custody

When your ex-spouse is failing to meet his or her parenting time obligations, you and your children are affected. Individuals cannot simply change their parenting time hours because of a new schedule. They must secure consent or go through the court system to modify the order.

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement-Inability to Pay

A parent’s non-payment of child support is not always based upon neglect or the intention to hurt the other party. Often times it is premised upon the inability to pay. The parties rarely know that losing their jobs or undergoing a significant life changing event does not automatically create a reduction in their obligation to pay support. Those people often end up accumulating substantial child support arrears based only upon their lack of knowledge of the law and their rights. Although the Court may step in to reduce the child support order, that is often after significant arrears have accumulated and the non-paying party has lost their driver’s license or been put in jail.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom works with parents who have fallen on hard times and cannot afford to make their child support payments. We will work with the other party to create ways in which support can be reduced or held in abeyance until the paying party can recover financially. This process involves a detailed knowledge of the law and the ability to be financially creative for the benefit of the client.

Enforcements of property division or debt division in divorce

We help clients understand their chances of succeeding with their proposed motion. Before you begin the process of seeking an enforcement of an order, we will discuss your situation and help you determine if your case is likely to succeed.

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, we assist clients with enforcement of orders to collect child support payments. To discuss your circumstances with an experienced Bergen and Hudson County enforcement lawyer, contact us online today to schedule a consultation. Whether you are in Hudson County, Bergen County or elsewhere in northern New Jersey or West New York, we can help.

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To learn more enforcing child support payments in New Jersey, contact our West New York office. We discuss the options available to you and your children. We have been helping parents and children with custody matters since 1988, serving clients in northern New Jersey communities such as North Bergen, and Ridgewood. Call (855) 208-3650.

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