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Check out Reviews and Testimonials from actual clients of The Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom and remember to share your experiences with Mr. Bloom and the entire staff on Avvo, Facebook, and Yelp. You can see Google reviews by searching for us using Google, and be sure to leave us a review on Google directly by following this link: Leave a Google Review.

“I highly recommend him”

Family law issues and in my case divorce is an incredibly difficult and emotional thing to deal with. Jeff’s significant experience and his approach was invaluable in steering me through it and ensuring that when the end of the process was reached, it was the best outcome for everyone, helping everyone to move forwards. Unlike other lawyers I’ve experienced, Jeff doesn’t spend a minute of billable time on unnecessary activities, he does what he needs to, is quickly able to react to issues and brings a firm but human approach throughout. I highly recommend him, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this journey without his deep experience and approach.

– Anonymous

“I want to personally thank you”

“I want to personally thank you for all the help and support. The assistance provided in these difficult times was impeccable. Your hard work definitely provided me the support right from our first time I called the office to the time the case was settled and dismissed.”

– A.K.

“I Can Trust Him If The Time Ever Comes”

At a time when my marriage was clearly broken and during extremely high levels of stress, Mr. Bloom was there to support, educate and rectify what was for me a very turbulent situation. From our first conversation, I immediately felt more at ease and my comfort and confidence that the right decision was made with each subsequent meeting or communication. I hope to never need his services again but know I can trust him if the time ever comes. True appreciation.

– Rob

“Thank You Mr. Jeffrey Bloom And Your Entire Team!”

As I told Mr. Bloom himself, “my biggest mistake was not getting a lawyer 10 years ago”. Well, it was never too late and I’m glad it was him and his team.
The communication between his staff and I was almost on a daily basis since I had a lot of questions, and they were there to answer them from the beginning.

Mr. Bloom was very professional, and right on my first visit I was convinced he had my back. His years of experience, and after my google research of him made me also realized he was more than qualified to handle my case. Hopefully, I don’t have to go through what I went through before, but if I do I know exactly where to go!

Thank you, Mr. Jeffrey Bloom and your entire team!

– Alex

“Would Recommend To Family And Friends”

Everything was way more than expected. I was very pleased with the outcome, and I would recommend Mr. Bloom to family and friends.

– Irene G.

“Professional, Diligent And Courteous”

I was treated exceptionally well by Mr. Bloom and his team. They were professional, diligent and courteous and I always felt that they had my best interests at heart and were fighting hard to get me the best result in my case. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr. Bloom to family or friends because I know they would be getting an attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients, and actually cares about the outcome of their cases and the impact that can have on their lives.

– Alan M.

“Knowledgeable, trustworthy and a true legal professional”

Jeffrey Bloom was a god sent for me during one of the most difficult periods of my life. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and a true legal professional. He managed to get me a very favorable divorce settlement. I highly recommend him.

– Allan G., Yelp Review

“Kept the drama from escalating”

Jeff moved the divorce process along and kept the drama from escalating and followed up effectively some years later with modifications as my situation changed. He really is concerned with what is best for his clients. He is the best.

– Tom Mitchell, Google Review

“Always exceeded our expectations.”

We have used Jeffrey Bloom’s legal services several times over the past 15 years and he has always exceeded our expectations.

– Karen

“Hire the best”

When it comes to your love ones hire the best! Very patient staff !

– Giovanni Rodriguez, Google Review

“Top notch from the bottom on up”

Mr. Bloom’s office is top notch from the bottom on up. I’ve been dealing with his staff and Mr. Bloom himself for the last four years in regards to a workman’s comp case and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to have him represent me. The staff are very caring and more importantly responsive to questions, concerns. They always got back to me in a timely manner whenever I had concerns as far as insurance, procedures, Dr’s. I can’t recommend them highly enough. In these types of situations it’s important to have someone in your corner you feel has your best interests at heart and the offices of Jeffrey Bloom certainly fit the bill.

– Jack R., Google Review

“Hopefully this review will help someone in need of an all-star lawyer”

I had the pleasure of having Mr. Jeffrey M.Bloom represent me in family court. To make a very long story short, M.Bloom and his team.. Claudia Carolyn & Yaimeli were beyond professional. They took care of the issues that I needed handled. I only wished I had met him earlier in my court case so I could have hired him. This was the very first time in the 13 years of going thru court hearings that I was represented in court by a professional, so I didn’t know what to expect. But Mr. Bloom experience and knowledge assured me I made the right decision in who I would trust to take care of this matter. Hopefully this review will help someone in need of an all-star lawyer who knows how to maneuver in the courtroom for your best interest. Go see the law offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom you won’t be disappointed.

– Chris T., Yelp Review

“Highly Recommend”

Jeff is an outstanding divorce lawyer. He is fair, realistic, and practical. He knows how to fight for his clients when a more aggressive approach is necessary, but he is such a good negotiator and has such a deep understanding of law that he never really needs to pull that card. Throughout my divorce proceedings, I observed the respect he commands both from his peers and court personnel…including the judge. This is no surprise, as he conducts himself with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Jeff is also a bit of a math wiz and I was very impressed with the way he worked with numbers to craft a settlement that many lawyers probably couldn’t make happen.


I highly recommend Jeff for any of your legal, family, or civil needs.

– Tim

“Positioned myself better for future court actions.”

I retained Mr. Bloom to represent me in a family law matter in which the defendant lived in S. Jersey. He was able to get the case heard in Hudson county, despite my child’s place of residence in S. Jersey, thus keeping my costs down and making it more difficult for the other party to litigate.


In the end I obtained satisfactory outcome, and with his help positioned myself better for future court actions should they become necessary.

– Anonymous

“Very Satisfied With The Outcome”

I used Jeffrey Bloom service for a good time now for all my business legal affairs. He is very reliable and always reachable to help. I am very satisfied with the outcome with all cases that were handled by him. Would recommend.

– Bergen Limo

“Wonderful Experience”

I had a wonderful experience using Jeff Bloom as my attorney. He is understanding, & extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for help in any of his specialties. He is truly a professional.

– Debra

“Tremendous Composure”

Jeff demonstrates a clear vision and plan in one on one sessions with his client and in the courtroom in front of his peers and Judges. He showed tremendous composure during difficult arguments over my case and we came out a winner every time. I was very comfortable having Jeff as my lawyer and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing representation for family law.

– Dan

“He Fights For Your Rights”

I was stressed about my family issues including Divorce. From day one, he resolved multiple issues that bothered me for months. He cares. He listens. He fights for your rights. I recommend all of my family and friends to Mr. Bloom. I know they will have the best advocate on their side as I did.

– Anne-Marie

“Understands your case and holds a personal interest in it.”

Jeff Bloom is an excellent attorney with a great sense of humor and really understands your case and holds a personal interest in it. He was able to get things for my case that were extremely important to my children and my own well-being and our lives. He is a family man that understands the law and tries to get the best outcome for you.


– Anonymous

“He got the divorce done as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

Mr. Bloom gave me sound advice, that helped keep things peaceful and amicable between my ex husband and I. He got the divorce done as quickly and painlessly as possible. He was knowledgeable and professional, and his office staff was courteous and helpful. I could not have asked for more, would recommend to family, friends, or anyone that ever needs someone in his field of law.


– Nicole

“I was able to keep to my studying and pay attention to my health while the law office kept up with my case for me.”

I am a college student with enough on my plate and I was really concerned that I was going to have so much more added when the accident happened. I happy to say that I was able to keep to my studying and pay attention to my health while the law office kept up with my case for me. They connected me when they needed me and by the end they knew about me as a person as well as a client. I could not have asked for nicer people to help me deal with this painful and difficult experience in my life.

– Morgan

“A trusted professional”

I have worked with Mr. Bloom for the past 5 years. During that time I have found him to be a trusted professional who delivers his services in a manner that is timely and with the highest professional standards. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jeff’s mediation services to any couple looking to get divorced and to businesses that require mediation services and/or conflict resolution training for their employees.

– Edward G., Google Review

“Positive Outcome”

I want to extend a very belated thank you for accepting my case and for the positive outcome. Your experience and knowledge of Worker’s Compensation made all the difference. One never knows how situations that vary from the norm will turn out. However, your confidence and expertise were rightfully placed. I am very pleased with the outcome and grateful for help. Many thanks!

– Linda L.

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