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Jeffrey M. Bloom, Domestic Violence Lawyer

Age and gender are not barriers to committing or experiencing domestic violence. If you have suffered domestic violence or have received a temporary restraining order alleging domestic violence, contact our West New York, law offices. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom we act for either the victim or the accused. Serving clients in Bergen County, Hudson County and across North Jersey, attorney Bloom has the experience, knowledge of the law, and the sensitivity to provide effective representation.


Domestic violence is a real problem. People are threatened, hurt, and killed by those with whom they have an intimate relationship. However, charges of domestic violence can be false or exaggerated. When laws are misused as a weapon of attack during difficult divorce proceedings, we mount a vigorous defense on behalf of the accused. When our client has experienced abuse, we will do everything possible to ensure his or her safety. If you are experiencing abuse from a family member or other person close to you, or have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to have an attorney who knows the options available. Bergen County attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom offers experienced advice and assistance in any matter related to domestic abuse.


Jeffrey M. Bloom Helps By:

  • Obtaining temporary and final restraining orders against abusers
  • Representing people at permanent restraining order hearings
  • Petitioning for removal of restraining orders

It is relatively easy to obtain temporary restraining orders, or orders of protection, in situations where a victim fears an immediate threat. Such an order prevents contact between the abuser and the victim. There may be financial requirements, including child support and medical treatment. Temporary custody of children may be granted to the victim. All of this can be accomplished without providing the accused with notice.


To make the protections of a restraining order permanent, both victim and abuser must appear and present their cases. This usually occurs ten days after the issuance of the temporary order. This hearing can be critical to the future of both parties. It can affect your rights to live in your home, parent your children, and to be financially and physically secure. Because the stakes are high, we urge people to obtain independent legal advice prior to a court hearing for a permanent restraining order.

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Since 1988, we have been providing advice and counsel to people in West New York and northern New Jersey communities such as Ridgewood. Contact The Law Offices Of Jeffrey M. Bloom to learn how we can use this experience on your behalf. Call (855) 208-3650.

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