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Child Custody

How to get the best child custody mediation law firm in New Jersey?

A divorce can be challenging enough to handle with all of the complexities imposed by the West New York, NJ, legal system. This is only exacerbated when a child is introduced to the situation. Suppose you and the opposing party cannot reach a consensus on that child’s best interests. In that case, there will be mandated mediation, and if still unproductive, more court proceedings and examinations to determine it for you. If you have not already retained a lawyer to assist in the divorce proceedings, it is imperative to contact one as soon as possible before a child custody case has begun. Since the stakes and emotions often run very high, these cases tend to lean towards much more complicated and ruthless tactics.

By seeking the services of a Child Custody Law Firm, you will find the expertise necessary to guide you through a process that can become hostile very quickly. By knowing the local laws and regulations, there will be as few unexpected twists and turns in the case as possible. Even if the opposing party throws a curveball, like allegations of abuse or mistreatment, a seasoned Child Custody attorney will have seen it all before and know precisely how to handle the claims.

When entering a child custody battle, the first thing you should do is contact an attorney. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, you will find the diligence and tact needed to navigate the waters of a custody battle successfully. With almost 30 years of experience, Mr. Bloom is well versed in the procedures and behaviors often displayed during the proceedings. Throughout his career, Jeffrey Bloom has honed his skills both inside and out of the courtroom to ensure that you have the best options available to you to increase the chance of a favorable result.

If you have begun a child custody battle or sense one looming on the horizon, there are a few things to expect and ways to prepare yourself. Before the process even begins, hire a Child Custody Attorney as soon as possible, and they will advise you on any documentation to prepare or strategies to develop. It is crucial to remember that the child’s best interests are at the heart of every custody hearing, which means that it will be the main factor in determining where the child stays. Regardless of the determination, there will still be factors to consider, though.

If custody has been awarded to the other party, the question of child support and visitation are still up in the air. Child support determination will require an extensive process of financial evaluations and a discovery process. A lawyer can help determine what documents to bring and ensure no details will be left out or detrimental to you. Visitation is also a key factor, and whether you are awarded custody, setting a visitation schedule can be difficult and time-consuming if the parties do not agree.

Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation. Once we discuss the details of your unique circumstances, we will form a case around your goals and fight every step of the way to ensure they are reached. For the best Child Custody Attorney in West New York, NJ, contact Mr. Bloom right away.


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