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How Can I Prepare For An Impending Divorce?

Once you have finally made the decision that a divorce is what you are going to pursue, you should collect copies of important financial documents, including the previous two to three years’ worth of tax returns, bank statements, and monthly bills. This information will help us understand and establish your marital lifestyle and your income versus expenditures. You should also write a list of your assets, including real estate, financial accounts, and any valuable collections you might have (e.g. an art or coin collection). In addition, your debts, mortgages, home equity lines, and student loan information should be gathered. Once we have all of the financials, we will be in a strong position to chart how we want to handle the actual divorce proceeding.

Are There Any Advantages Or Disadvantages To Being The First To File For Divorce?

It is a common misconception that filing first for divorce will have negative consequences. Other than other emotional aspects, the only circumstance under which being the first to file would affect anything, is if a divorce case went to trial, under those circumstances the party that filed first, the Plaintiff presents their case first. However, less than one percent of all cases go to Trial, so there is not real benefit or disadvantage to file first.

How Does An Uncontested Divorce Proceed In New Jersey?

Simple divorces, involving no children and no property, are almost always uncontested because there is nothing to fight about. The process of an uncontested divorce involves preparing the complaint, filing it with the court, serving it on the other side, and proceeding toward making the divorce official. Many cases involve disagreements over financial or custody-related matters. However, a couple can negotiate these issues between themselves and, with an agreement, proceed with an uncontested divorce. Since hiring a divorce lawyer costs money, a lot of people will try to do these negotiations without one. The parties must be very careful when doing so, as a divorce is final, and mistakes made by not having the proper agreement can affect the parties later.

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