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What You Need To Know About A Denial Of Benefits In A Workers Comp Claim

What You Need To Know About A Denial Of Benefits In A Workers Comp Claim Lawyer, West New York CityWhat Are Common Reasons Employers Deny Extending Medical And Temporary Benefits In A Workers’ Compensation Injury Case?

Legitimate workers’ compensation claims are usually denied because the employee did not report the incident in a timely manner, didn’t tell their employer, and didn’t follow up to ensure it was correctly reported.

On the other hand, illegitimate workers’ compensation claim denials are from employers who tell their employees that nothing happened and they should “go back to work.” These employers refuse your claim and fabricate explanations to avoid paying any more money. They want you to stay at work if you’re a good worker because you’ll make them money, not cost them money.

Employers often try to take advantage of an employee, knowing that the employee needs the job to survive. This often happens by an employer saying something like, “You have to work, or you can lose your job.” This type of bullying is unacceptable and illegal, but unfortunately, it happens.

Most often, lawyers see workers’ compensation injury cases because of the conduct of employers who want to take advantage of their workers. Sadly, there are more illegitimate denials than legitimate ones, and that’s when you need to have a lawyer get involved. Otherwise, your employer will steamroll you, you will continue to be hurt, and you will not be compensated for lost time or get any of your medical treatments covered.

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