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What Type Of Injuries Are Covered Under New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Any injury that arose out of and in the course of your employment will be covered under New Jersey workers’ compensation. It can be an acute injury, occupational injuries, or exposure to noxious fumes, dirt, dust, or gas.

What Is The Step By Step Workers Compensation Claim Process Following An Injury?

The first thing an injured worker should do, following an accident, is tell their employer. If there are any forms that have to be completed, fill them out immediately after you’ve gotten any necessary emergency medical treatment. Your employer should provide you with treatment. New Jersey is very strict. The insurance companies control your treatment but they also pay for 100 percent of your care. If you follow through and go to their doctors, you don’t have to pay anything.

The next important part of the process, from a legal perspective, is to file a petition with the Department of Labor. We file these petitions right away. There are times when an employer will decide that they’re not paying, (There could be any of a number of reasons that they don’t want to pay the claim) or they could stop your treatment prematurely because we’ve already filed our claim with the court. We can immediately prepare a motion for medical and temporary disability benefits and try to get right in before a judge.

By filing the claim petition at the outset of the case, the insurance company has an adjuster and an attorney on the file. We can move much more quickly to make sure that our client is getting the care and treatment they need. In addition to the care and treatment, the clients need to have money. You’re a worker and you need the money to pay your bills and buy your groceries. The law says that if you’re out of work for seven consecutive days, you’re given temporary disability benefits of 70 percent of your salary, tax free, retroactive to day one. We will assist, in the form of a motion to go to court and try to get that payment started immediately if necessary.

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