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When you purchase a new product, you expect that it will perform as the manufacturer says it should. But even if it fails to perform as promised, at the very least you don’t expect to be injured. All too frequently, however, companies rush defective products to market and place profits over safety.


These defective products can and do cause injuries that can affect your health and quality of life for years, possibly even the rest of your life. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, Jeffrey M. Bloom can protect your rights. Please call us today at (855) 208-3650 to schedule a free consultation with our product liability lawyer.


Product Liability Law

Product liability law is a branch of law that protects consumers who suffer a personal injury while using a defective product. This area of law holds all negligent parties responsible for any damages caused by this defective product. Manufacturers, marketers, and sellers all have a responsibility to ensure that consumer products are safe when used as intended.


Product liability also extends to workers who suffer on-the-job injuries due to a defective product.

Common Causes of Product Liability

Nearly anything you purchase has the potential to be hazardous. Fortunately, the vast majority of consumer products we buy and use every day are perfectly safe. However, when injuries do occur, they can usually be categorized as due to a defect in design, production, or marketing.

Product Liability Lawyer West New York | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Design Liability

Design liability concerns fundamental features of the product itself. Have all the risks been identified? Are safety features in place? Has the product undergone sufficient testing to demonstrate its safety? When a design is fundamentally flawed, then all products based on that design can be considered faulty.

Product Liability Injury Attorney Bergen County NJ | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Production Liability

Production liability has to do with the people and processes that bring a design to fruition. A perfectly safe and well thought out design can be made harmful if manufacturers fail to properly build to required specifications.

Product Liability Attorney | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Marketing Liability

Marketing liability relates to inaccuracies or oversights in informing consumers on how to properly use a product. Warning labels, clear instructions, and accurate representation of a product’s features and proper use are as vital to a product’s safety as the product itself. When companies fail to adequately inform and warn consumers about potential hazards, they can be held liable.

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If a company’s negligence has caused you to be injured by a defective product, please contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom today to schedule your free consultation. We are proud to serve clients in West New York, Bergen County, and Hudson County.

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