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10 Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

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10 Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

Divorce Warning Signs – Divorce Attorney – Jeffrey Bloom There will always be moments when you’re unsure if your marriage will last. Every couple has their ups and downs, but when the lows outnumber the highs, your marriage might be in trouble. These 10 warning signs can help you identify if you and your partner are headed for divorce:

  • Communication stops. This is not the first time you’ve read that communication is key, and that’s because it is the most important component of your marriage. When both sides stop communicating, marriage becomes less of a partnership and more of sinking ship.
  • Lack of intimacy. One of the most common warning signs of a failing marriage is a decline in physical intimacy towards one another. This happens naturally over the course of a healthy relationship, but it’s important to make time for affection.
  • Fights over “nothing.” A fight is rarely over “nothing.” When you’re arguing over who ate the last of the chips, the argument is most likely not about that bag of Lay’s. If these bickering fights continue for days or weeks, divorce might be in your near future.
  • Disrespectful attitude. If you or your partner feel as if you’re being taken advantage of, or not shown appreciation for your actions, it’s easy to slip into a disrespectful disposition.
  • Spiteful language. This doesn’t necessarily mean cuss words, but comments that are meant to dig deep into the other’s insecurities. Spiteful remarks live long after the fight has ended and cause you to stew over what was said.
  • Unresolved arguments. Every couple fights. It’s the resolutions that separate successful marriages from the rest. When the issue is swept under the rug, it’s going to billow out during the next fight, and the one after that.
  • Personal withdrawal. The constant fighting signals that you still care about each other enough to argue. When the fighting stops, it’s time to worry. You start staying late for work to avoid going home, or stay out late with friends until you know your spouse is asleep.
  • Secretive behavior. You find a bank statement for a credit card you didn’t know about. They said they were working late, but their car isn’t in the parking lot. Everyone has secrets, but your marriage can’t survive without honesty. These secrets often lead to infidelity and add to the unsurprising statistics of adultery and divorce.
  • Loss of trust. Once trust has been broken, it’s difficult to truly forgive and begin to trust again. Deception is a sure road to divorce.
  • Animosity. All of these warning signs can eventually lead to hatred if they’re not dealt with. When you feel unheard, unloved, disrespected, and deceived, it becomes easy to hate the person you used to love.

Some of these issues can be resolved through couple’s counseling, but some actions and words can never been erased. If you identify with any of these 10 warning signs, your marriage may be headed towards divorce and it’s time to contact a divorce lawyer. Jeffrey Bloom has been assisting individuals in the West New York with divorce and family law matters for more than 20 years, and he can advise you as to the best way to proceed.

Please contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom using the form at the top of the page or call (855) 208-3650 today to schedule your divorce consultation. Mr. Bloom serves clients in West New York, and throughout Hudson County and Bergen County, New Jersey.

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