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The Most Common Places Affairs Start (It’s Not What You Think!)

The Most Common Places Affairs Start - New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in West New York, there’s a good chance this significant life change started with an affair. Adultery is one of the most common causes of divorce seen at the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, and often the most damaging affairs are ones that go on for months or years (not those one-night mistakes). A lot of people think they know where affairs are most likely to start. Sometimes they’re right, but according to statistics, sometimes affairs start in the strangest of places.

The Top 5 Places Affairs Start

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy released survey results that showed 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women will have a “full-blown affair” outside of their marriage. Increase that percentage by 20 percent for both sexes if you count a non-sexual, emotional affair.

Surprisingly, these full-blown affairs almost never start at a bar or club. Instead, they usually begin in much more wholesome environments:

  1. The workplace. The workplace is where most affairs begin. It doesn’t hurt that we usually dress nicely and are on “good behavior” at work. Plus, having shared passions about projects (or mutual annoyance at a boss or co-worker) provides the perfect breeding ground for an affair.
  2. The gym. You already have endorphins rushing and a lot of attention paid to your body at the gym. However, instead of gym-goers having affairs with each other, the more common circumstance is a client and a personal trainer. This relationship is based on literal and emotional support, providing the makings for an affair.
  3. Social media. This one is no surprise—but what is so surprising is that it only ranks third on the list. Still, it’s likely not a stranger on social media that sparks an affair. Old flames and crushes can kickstart fantasies about “what if” lives, and it doesn’t take much to take a social media flirtation to the next level.
  4. Bonding over a shared commitment to a common cause and seeing a person being selfless can quickly stir up the ingredients for an affair.
  5. Surprisingly, church is a very common place to begin an affair. There’s a sense of intimacy between church leaders and members of the congregation. It’s common to be open about issues like marriage troubles or seek out comfort in this space.

Do You Suspect Your Partner Is Having An Affair?

Whether adultery is part of your reason for divorce or not, you need an expert divorce attorney working for you. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom today and get the support you really need.

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