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Which State Pays the Most in Child Support?


Whether you make or receive child support payments, you may have wondered how your payments stack up against the rest of the country. Bloom Law Office works diligently with parents to ensure child support payments are fair and enforced. However, the state of New Jersey does not boast the biggest child support payments—that honor goes to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts parents are paying the most in child support

Not too far away, Massachusetts parents are paying the most in child support according to a recent study by CustodyXChange. This app was designed to help parents make timely, easy payments, but is also serving as a hub of information. The app reports that the average parent in Massachusetts pays $1,187 per month for child support. For comparison, New Jersey parents pay just $424. New Jersey ranks at 47th in the country when it comes to payment averages.

Other states paying the most child support

Nipping on the heels of Massachusetts is Nevada averaging $1,146 per month and Rhode Island at $1,014. All other states average under $1,000 per month. Virginia pays the least at $402 per month, which is interesting considering Virginia and Massachusetts have a comparable cost of living. This is indicative of the vast disparities that exist within the world of child support, and how important it is to have a child support attorney working for you.

To realize these figures, the app took a hypothetical straight couple with two kids between the ages of 7 and 10. They estimated that the mother had the children 65 percent of the time and makes about $45,000 per year. The father in this situation makes $55,000. The app used previous research and income averages from Pew Research to analyze average payments.

Overall, New England payments are highest and those in the Rocky Mountain area are lowest.

Need legal advice on your child support payments in New Jersey

If you’re getting ready to decide on child support payments or want to modify your agreement, your best move is to work with a child support attorney. Contact Bloom Law Office today and schedule your child support consultation.

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