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10 Signs Your Child is Adjusting Well after the Divorce

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Each year, many children experience the pressure and tension of divorce. Every child’s reaction is different and often hinges on their age, temperament and the specific conditions of the divorce. In most cases, if both parents stay involved in their life, kids are able to cope with the initial stress and adjust quickly to life after the divorce.

To help assure your child’s daily routine is not upset by the divorce, it’s important for parents to be flexible and not put them in the middle of disagreements. Your child also deserves to be emotionally and financially supported in the same way as he is used to.

Here are 10 signs that your child is adjusting well to life after the divorce:
1. Anxiety of divorce is lessening
2. No longer has apprehension about joint child custody arrangement
3. Adjusts well to schedules at both parent’s homes
4. Retains good grades at school and gets along with peers
5. Maintaining friendships
6. Socially active with friends and family
7. Still likes to do the same things as before the divorce
8. Doing chores and what is expected of him at home
9. Expresses feelings and does not keep them bottled up
10.Continuing on the same spirituality path

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