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4 Jobs That Usually Aren’t Covered by Workers’ Comp But Really Should Be

4 Jobs With No Workers’ Comp | Bloom Law Office, West New York

4 Jobs That Usually Aren’t Covered by Workers’ Comp But Really Should Be

Workers’ compensation coverage is paid by your employer, who is legally required to do so. However, at Bloom Law Office, it’s become apparent that the appeal of being an independent contractor is on the rise. Employers don’t have to provide workers’ comp to independent contractors and freelancers because, well, these workers don’t actually have an employer.

Unfortunately, a lot of independent contracting gigs and freelancer positions are the jobs that need workers’ comp coverage most. Here are a few jobs and gigs that aren’t usually covered by workers’ comp but really, really should be:

1. Clowns. Yes, it’s a real job. Yes, clowns are usually independent contractors. And yes, intentionally hurting yourself and subjecting yourself to sugared-up kids is probably a recipe for a painful disaster. At least clowns have the option to be a “sad clown” if they get hurt on the job.

2. Extreme sports athletes. Not all athletes are covered by workers’ comp policies. It varies widely depending on the sport and governing association. However, it’s the wackiest “sports” and competitions that can be the most dangerous—and they’re most often not covered by workers’ comp. If you’re the dwarf in the dwarf-tossing competition (it’s a real thing), the odds of getting hurt are pretty high.

3. Exotic dancers. Climbing up poles in nine-inch heels then hanging upside down while a lot of drunk patrons throw money at you isn’t exactly the epitome of a safe work environment. Dancers and strippers are considered independent contractors who rent stage time. There has been some movement towards providing workers’ comp coverage for these seriously hard workers, but it hasn’t happened yet.

4. Landscapers. Landscapers who work for big companies are sometimes covered by workers’ comp, but more often, these workers are either small business owners or contractors. Do you remember how your body felt the last time you spent an entire day doing yard work? Or the close call you had with the weed eater? It’s not always an exaggeration that this type of work is called back-breaking.

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Understanding the benefits of workers’ comp is a must when you’re deciding between being an employee or a contractor. However, if you do have workers’ comp coverage and have been hurt on the job, you need to act fast and get a skilled attorney on your side. Call Bloom Law Office today at 855-208-3650. We don’t get paid until you do.

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