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How an App Can Ease Your Child Custody Case

How an App Can Ease Child Custody | Bloom Law Office, West New York

How an App Can Ease Your Child Custody Case

There really is an app for everything, including helping to ease child custody battles. Bloom Law Office stays up to date on the latest trends for all things child custody based, and there has been an increasing interest in divorced or divorcing parents to communicate about child custody agreements civilly. It’s well-known that sometimes divorce can bring out the worst in people, but parents have to work together for the best interest of their children.

Having a mediator, like a great child custody attorney, is an absolute must. These experts will go to bat for you and minimize communication (if that’s desirable) whenever possible. However, there will come the point when you’ll simply have to work together with your ex as long as it’s safe to do so.

Increasingly, judges are encouraging spouses to use apps designed specifically for better communication amongst co-parents. It can take the stress out of phone calls, help to avoid un-necessary personal communication, and there’s an element of civility built in because you know the app can easily record the conversation more so than other options.

There’s something about texting, DMing, and using WhatsApp that’s inherently informal. Plus, that may have been one of the ways you communicated with your ex when you were still together, so it can put you mentally back in that state. An app dedicated solely to communication about co-parenting is new and neutral territory for both of you. It can set the foundation for a healthy, new kind of relationship.

Unnecessary arguments can lead to long and costly courtroom battles. Utilizing every tool at your disposal, which can increase positive communication and avoid fallouts, is in the best interest of co-parents and, more importantly, their children. If you think an app might work for you and your ex, now is the time to broach the subject. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, it’s something your child custody attorneys can do for you.

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