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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

In recent years, divorce mediation has become an increasingly popular option for couples who are able to work together amicably when crafting a divorce agreement. While this method isn’t right for everyone, it is an ideal option if you and your ex agree on most of the major issues that need to be resolved.

There are several important benefits that you’ll achieve by opting for divorce mediation:

  • You and your spouse maintain control of the process instead of having a judge decide many of the important issues for you.
  • The process is less adversarial, allowing you and your spouse to come up with more flexible and creative solutions to the issues at hand.
  • The process generally moves much faster than divorces which get bogged down in contentious litigation.
  • The process is more confidential since your disputes won’t become part of the public court record.
  • Divorce mediation is often more cost effective since you won’t have to pay the expensive lawyer fees associated with protracted litigation.

Ultimately, this means more money is left to be split between you and your spouse, giving you a head start on establishing financial independence after your divorce is finalized.

The collaborative process involved in mediation can help foster a more positive relationship with your ex following the divorce. This is especially important if you have young children and will need to work together in the future to resolve parenting issues.

If you think divorce mediation may be a good option for you and your spouse, Jeffrey Bloom can help. Mr. Bloom has handled divorce and family law matters for individuals in West New York for more than 20 years, and he can work with you to craft an agreement that benefits everyone involved in the process — you, your spouse, and your children.

Please contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom using the form at the top of the page or call 855-208-3650 today to schedule your divorce mediation consultation. Mr. Bloom serves clients in West New York, and throughout Bergen County and Hudson County, New Jersey.

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