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Sparing Your Child From The Collateral Damage Of A Divorce

Collateral Damage Of A Divorce | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Sparing Your Child From The Collateral Damage Of A Divorce

The quality of your parenting is the single most important factor for protecting your child from becoming a statistic in collateral damage and child custody issues resulting from a divorce. However, having said that, there is always going to be consequences in a divorce. No matter how civil, or thought out a divorce is, the fact remains that the children have lost the security of their family. They are not living as their friends do, with a mom and a dad, so that makes them different.

Why have a child custody agreement

Custody agreements then put the children in the situation of having to please both sides. It is extremely difficult for parents going through a divorce to not, at some point, use their children as weapons or pawns. As sad and as destructive as this behavior is, parents find it almost impossible to step outside themselves and become self-aware to the damage they are doing to their children. Often children are asked which parent they would prefer to live with. Putting your child in this situation is unspeakable; because the fact is they have two parents, and they are entitled to love both.

A child custody agreement puts your kids first

Your children should be the first consideration. You should think of them before you think about getting a divorce. Improving communication skills and working on your marriage is a better option. There are, of course, situations where divorce is the only option.

Child Custody Consultation with Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

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