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The Kids: A Good Divorce Versus A Bad Marriage

Child Custody in Divorce | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

If you are considering a divorce or are in the process of attaining one and you have children, obviously how this change will affect your children is of the utmost importance in your mind. So many thoughts and concerns pop into your head with, child custody being at the top of the list.

As you navigate through these turbulent waters you will find people have all kinds of advice for you. Many will be telling you about the unending research that has been done predicting the worst for your children.

Of course there is no doubt that divorce is hard for kids….it is a life changing experience for everyone, but it is a far cry better than having your children raised in an abusive, angry or just plain unloving marriage. Staying in a bad marriage “for the sake of the children” exposes them to so many of the things in life you have been trying to protect them from, including arguments, negativity, sarcasm, anger and possibly violence. For kids, coping with the fallout of a bad marriage is a wound that never heals. They get a warped sense of what marriage is supposed to be and it sets them up for failure in their future relationships.

A divorce, as difficult as it is can be, free the children from an unhealthy environment and everyone benefits…allowing kids:

  • Two homes where there is a peaceful environment
  • Calmness
  • Happier parents
  • To experience compromise
  • To be taught how to successfully navigate through problems


Child Custody Attorney West New York | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Of course the decisions you make are your own, however, we all need advice and guidance during critical times in our lives. If you are contemplating divorce, contact Child Custody Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom today and we will assist you in custody laws and conditions – (855) 208-3650.

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