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Child Support – Determining The Duration And Expected Amount

Duration And Expected Amount of Child Support | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Child Support – Determining The Duration And Expected Amount

You should be aware that New Jersey has a very strict set of guidelines that must be followed when determining child support payments. Estimating the amount that you’ll pay is done by filling out the following worksheets:

• Sole Parenting Worksheet
• Shared Parenting Worksheet

Notable is that the income support available does allow for the deduction of
certain items, which include:
• Income tax
• Union dues
• Mandatory retirement contributions
• Support paid to another parent

In most cases, the individual parenting worksheet will be utilized. This worksheet is used when a child lives with one parent for a majority of the time. As a result, the parent will receive a higher percentage of total income towards support.
Variable expenses, such as food and transportation, will need to be calculated.

The Duration Of Child Support

Child support under the Child Support Guidelines can be received from birth through the child’s 17th birthday. The cost of raising a child increases as the child ages. When a child is over 12 years of age, child support payments will rise by an average rate of 14.6%.

Of course, there are situations wherein child support may be extended past a child’s 18th birthday if he or she remains in high school or a secondary education institution. Children that enter into college usually cause payments to end. But, if the child does live at home at this time, the court can, at its discretion, require support from the non-custodial parent. Courts always have the authority to deviate from the guidelines if a child has special needs.

As anyone can see, there’s a lot to know where child support is concerned, and not being “in the know” can leave you in a precarious position. Find out what you need to know from a competent and experienced attorney.

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