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CNN’s “This is Life” on Men in Divorce and Child Custody Battles

CNN’s “This is Life”: Men in Divorce & Child Custody | Bloom Law Office

CNN’s “This is Life” on Men in Divorce and Child Custody Battles

Lisa Ling, host of CNN’s “This is Life,” recently talked to dads who say men get the short end of the stick when it comes to divorce settlements—and especially in regard to child custody. Bloom Law Office specializes in helping parents achieve a divorce settlement and child custody arrangement that’s fair and puts the interests of the child first. Although it’s “traditional” for women to get the majority of the child’s time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in the best interest of the child. It’s time to reassess the role of gender in divorce.

One of the fathers Ling talked to was previously jailed because he says he couldn’t pay his court-ordered child support. Dr. Carlos Rivera says he’s currently at $680,000 in arrears with a 9 percent interest rate. “I will never be able to get out of this hole,” he says. The pediatrician claimed bankruptcy, was fired, and now earned around $100 per month. Another dad named Jake says he was banned from seeing his children via a civil protection order. The court documents revealed that Jake’s former wife said he has “dangerous mood swings.” One month after she filed the statement, he was no longer allowed to see his children.

Another father named Justin had a fling and only discovered after the child was born that he wasn’t listed on the birth certificate. This means he didn’t have the option of asking for equal custody. His concern is, “How can I be a father to my kid if I only see him four nights out of the whole month?” Over 80 percent of custodial parents in the US are mothers. Ling unpacks the idea that both courts and law favor women because of traditions and stereotypes that women are better caregivers.

Laws in most states state that women should not get preferential treatment simply because of their gender, but statistics suggest that isn’t being upheld. According to Randall Kessler, author of Divorce: Protect Yourself, Your Kids and Your Future, there are many reasons women continue to get the majority of custody. One reason is that judges might be old-fashioned. His advice is to not give up—and to get a good lawyer.

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