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Getting Through A Divorce. The Common 10 Stations Of Divorce

The 10 Stations Of Divorce | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom, West New York

As everyone is well aware, divorce is not just a single event that comes and goes. It has facets and phases that unfold over time. Recovery comes with time. You may be divorced on paper, but many emotional aspects of your divorce may not be healed.

There are undoubtedly many questions and much emotional turmoil that you are left to deal with after a divorce. And, truly, there are all “types” of divorces rolled up into one divorce. To better understand, they have been classified as “The Ten Stations of Divorce.”

1. The emotional divorce – the challenge to detach yourself from the marriage
2. The legal divorce – dissolving the union in the eyes of the law
3. The economic divorce – dividing the assets of the marriage
4. The co – parenting divorce – negotiating child care and living arrangements
5. The community divorce – family and friends choosing sides and losing them to the ex
6. The psychological divorce – re-defining yourself as a separate person, the “we” becoming “me”
7. The existential divorce – what was it all for? Did any part of my marriage mean anything?
8. The future divorce – I won’t have the future I had hoped for
9. The self-esteem divorce – if I had been different, I wouldn’t be alone
10. The trust /love divorce – I should have had a prenup


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We are quite sure that you could add a few “stations of divorce” of your own to the list. Should you be dealing with issues of divorce and need some assistance in sorting through the legalities of a tumultuous time in your life, contact us to help guide you through this conundrum. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom today to schedule your consultation with Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Bloom – (855) 208-3650.

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