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Common Child Custody Pitfalls To Avoid

Child Custody and Divorce Pitfalls | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Divorce is never easy – especially when children are involved and you’re facing a child custody issue. Tensions run high and people tend to make hasty decisions in response to something that hurts them. Maintaining a positive attitude, demeanor, and controlling actions are important during this time so that you can get through the divorce in the best possible way with the best possible outcome. While it is easy to get overwhelmed, remember to avoid the following pitfalls and you’ll come out ahead of the curve.

Stay Involved in Your Child’s Life

A parent who is actively involved now will likely remain an active participant in the long run. If you “need a break” know that this might lead to less parenting time per the court. To help maintain your visitation and parenting rights, simply stay involved in your child’s life, including helping with homework, attending after school activities, have playtime, and be present. Know that your child’s “team” of professionals including counselors, teachers and other parents are looking out for your child as well.

Advocate For Your Co-Parent

Even when your divorce is contentious, try to find points where you can agree with your co-parent and advocate for them. It is in the best interest of your child to have a relationship with both parents, provided it is a healthy environment and does more good than harm. Know that discouraging your co-parent’s involvement can be perceived as parental alienation by the courts, and that could prove to backfire on you. The courts want you both to prove that you can work together as cooperative co-parents.

Stay Cool, Collected, and Very Calm

Learn to treat your new co-parent as a business associate. Don’t nit-pick, point fingers, or otherwise treat them like someone who is annoying or disrespecting you and your space. Learn to think of your co-parent as an acquaintance and simply don’t engage when they demonstrate bad behavior or otherwise minimize how hurt you might feel in that split second. Even if you are feeling stressed, you still need to remain calm and professional. Keep your conversations to the point at hand, not straying off into heated topics. Save those conversations for your attorney.

Maintain Documentation

Just as much as your co-parent, your words will be documented and later inspected by others. Be very mindful to maintain your cool and think before you speak so that you don’t harm yourself and your children in the process. The same also goes for those taken by your co-parent.

West New York Child Custody Attorney | Jeffrey M. Bloom

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