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Family Court Most Common Issues

Family Court Most Common Issues | Bloom Law Office, West New York,

Family Court Most Common Issues

“Family law” encompasses a wide range of issues, and divorce attorneys are often at the heart of such matters. Family cases are civil cases as opposed to criminal, and usually involve matters between spouses, children, and/or parents (although “family” can and does entail other types of members such as siblings, cousins, and so on). Still, it’s unsurprising that the most common domestic matters include the dissolution of marriage.

Family Court and Divorce

A divorce attorney is key for making separation or divorce as agreeable and bump-free as possible. When a person wants a divorce, they must file a court order to start the end of the marriage. Marriages can dissolve through annulment or divorce, but divorce is much more common. A legal separation can precede a divorce, in which preliminary decisions regarding child custody, property, and alimony can be secured. In these cases, the couple remains legally married but otherwise acts as if they are divorced. The decisions made in a legal separation may be altered during divorce proceedings.

Family Law And Paternity

Another common issue in family law is child custody and paternity. When there is a person in the marriage who is the legal father, either partner can ask for a paternity test. This fully establishes the fact that the person is the father of the child, and is most common in cases of unmarried parents where at least one partner doubts the paternity of the father. The outcome can determine visitation schedules, physical custody, legal custody, and child support. (The laws regarding paternity with gay couples and adopted couples is changing and can vary state to state).

Family Law and Orders of Protection

Protection orders against domestic violence can also be part of family law. When there is a victim of domestic violence, protective orders to keep them safe may be issued by the court. Name changes also make a regular appearance in family law. It might come from someone wanting to change their name back to their pre-married name, or an order for children to have their surname changed.

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