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The Complications Of A Contested Divorce

Complications in Divorce | Divorce Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

A contested divorce, by definition, is a divorce where the two parties involved cannot come to an agreement on one or more crucial issues prior to the ultimate termination of their marriage contract. When this occurs, even with the assistance of their legal counsel, they must have the dispute settled within the court system.

At the center of every divorce there are four issues:

  • Division of debt
  • Division of community and/ or marital property
  • Child custody
  • Payment of spousal and/or child support

If the couple is unable to resolve disputes and come to a mutual agreement, many times arbitration and mediation can be helpful. Litigation becomes necessary when these attempts fail.Technical legal procedures, high financial stakes and other complex issues are the marks of a contested divorce.

If one finds themselves in what appears to be turning into the proverbial, “ugly divorce” and litigation seems likely, obtaining experienced legal counsel becomes necessary. In addition, if one spouse is represented by an attorney or there are difficult financial issues, seeking an attorney of your own would be prudent.

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