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5 Countries with Falling or Low Divorce Rates

5 Countries with Falling or Low Divorce Rates | Bloom Law Office, West New York

5 Countries with Falling or Low Divorce Rates

Does it seem like everyone’s getting divorced nowadays? Bloom Law Office specializes in divorces, and while the dissolution of marriages is relatively common in many countries, there are some places around the world where divorce rates are incredibly low. These five countries have a divorce rate that is either falling rapidly or already low.

Marriage can be made to last, but not without work and ongoing commitment. However, living in one of these countries might help improve a couple’s odds, too. (Still, if divorce is the best option for you and your family, depending on a reputable divorce attorney is your best tool).

1. Libya

Libya has the lowest divorce rate in the world with only .24 divorces per 1,000. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the country is relatively small regarding population when compared to a high-divorce country like the US. The odds are calculated per thousand, which levels the playing field, and there are probably a few things other countries can learn from this truly committed region.

2. Georgia

Not far behind Libya, Georgia’s divorce rate is .36 per 1,000. Another relatively small country, and a conservative one rife with political issues, it seems that stress has not extended to marriage. On the other hand, just because people aren’t getting divorced doesn’t mean they’re happy. The goal is a happy marriage, not just one that doesn’t end in divorce court.

3. Mongolia

Nipping on Georgia’s heels with a .38 divorce rate, Mongolia is doing quite well (at least on the marital front). However, in a country where divorce is frowned upon, some couples who would likely benefit from divorce are trudging through an unhappy marriage. While working on marriage is essential, there sometimes does come the point where divorce is the best option.

4. Armenia

Armenia’s .42 divorce rate is impressive, but at what cost? This is another conservative country and the downside of divorce—such as losing friends and family—might not be worth the risk. On the other hand, the rate might be a sign that the country’s residents are committed to working through issues and finding the silver lining. That’s something every couple can benefit from.

5. Chile

Tied with Armenia, Chile also has a .42 divorce rate and is the only Latin American country to make it on the top 5 list. A Catholic country, Chile naturally revered marriage and divorce is primarily frowned upon—although not unheard of. For Chileans, it seems the sanctity of marriage is important and something worth fighting for.

Anyone can have a happy marriage (or an unhappy one) no matter where they live. If you’re considering divorce, make sure you have leading experts in your corner. Connect with Bloom Law Office today and schedule your consultation – (855) 208-3650.

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