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What a Divorce Attorney Does

What a Divorce Attorney Does | Bloom Law Office, West New York

Divorce attorneys are a type of civil law attorney that help people negotiate every part of the separation and/or divorce process. It’s rare that a divorce is completely amicable and without any disagreements, which is why Bloom Law Office is available throughout the entire process. A divorce is stressful at best and can be hostile at worst. Most people aren’t thinking completely clearly and want to finish a divorce as quickly as possible—however, this is how mistakes and oversights can happen.

It’s been well quoted that up to half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. No-fault divorces weren’t available until 1969 (in California), and it took until 2010 for all states to approve them, with New York signing on last. No-fault divorces entail no evidence of wrong-doing being required by either spouse. These types of divorces are simplest, relatively speaking, but are still best pursued with high-quality legal help.

The Divorce Process

Most divorces take between three and twelve months to finalize, though some can take much longer. Divorce attorneys help with all aspects of divorce, from annulments to negotiating child custody agreements and visitation rights. A divorce may be contested (when the other partner does not agree to the divorce and/or the proposed terms) or not. Just like marriage, every divorce and the partners involved are different.

If you’re considering a separation or divorce, the sooner you secure legal protection via a divorce attorney, the better. The higher the stakes, from high-earning couples to children and business partnerships, the more complicated a divorce can become. In best-case scenarios, a divorce attorney is consulted even before the topic of separation or divorce has been discussed with that person’s partner. It’s impossible to know how the other person may react.

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