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“The Divorce Diet”- Getting Thin The Unhealthy Way

The Divorce Diet | Divorce Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Many people compare divorce to a death. Grief and stress affects you both emotionally and physically. Different people react very uniquely to both stress and grief and these reactions can be severe and many times even debilitating.

Research has shown that individuals who have faced divorce, experience a heightened risk for chronic long – term health problems. And, it is clear that rapid weight loss can be the first sign of stress gone awry.

Of course, many women look at this speedy weight loss as a much needed “perk” to this emotional roller coaster they’ve been on, but in reality your body is responding to higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. The rage, stress, sadness and need for regaining control of your life all combine and go to your “gut”…literally…oftentimes making eating a fleeting thought.

Here are a few reminders and suggestions to help you through this difficult period.

  • Get some exercise. Don’t let a day go by without some. You need the endorphins to maximize your mood.
  • Locate a support group. Knowing others going through similar issues can be very helpful.
  • Try to stick to a regular schedule. Routine helps you return to a state of normalcy.
  • Take preventive health measures. Mind and body work hand in hand.


And lastly, stay mindful that you are not alone. Life gives us challenges and hardships. It is indeed how we deal with them that matters most. Look forward and know that this too shall be behind you very soon.

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