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Divorce And “Happy Holidays”…. Is It Possible?

Happy Holidays and Divorce | Family Law Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Divorce And “Happy Holidays”…. Is It Possible?

Whether or not you absolutely love the holidays or you find them commercialized and expectation ridden, holidays come with pressure and the added stress of a divorce during the holidays can make them unbearable.

Pressure To Be “The Perfect Family” in Divorce:

You see images everywhere depicting happy “intact” families, eating turkey and snuggling by the fire. Even though these images are, at best, half-truths, they are hard to take when you are in the throes of divorce. Traditions come into play and they are tricky. Families end up with traditions at least in part, by simply repeating things they did the year before…suddenly they become “traditions”. Being wary of developing these traditions early on and “changing things up” can serve a purpose, too. When the unexpected life change happens, such as a divorce or a death, things can be easier to cope with if “tradition” hasn’t become a “do or die” rule.

Put The Divorce On The Back Burner:

The easiest way to do this, is by thinking of someone else other than yourself. Bringing holiday cheer to others can be hugely uplifting. Putting others first and perhaps volunteering your time and energy for their well-being truly will bring happiness and comfort to you.

Take one day at a time during holiday seasons. Remember you are in flux, you are in a healing process….things will get better and hurt less. For now, concentrate on one thing at a time and life will get better each and every day.

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