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Paying For College After A Divorce. Which Parent Is Responsible?

Paying For College After Divorce | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Paying For College After A Divorce. Which Parent Is Responsible?

In many states, required child support ends at the age of eighteen or at the end of high school, whichever comes later. This is not the case in New Jersey. New Jersey views a college education as a necessity. In fact, the recent trend in New Jersey has been to require parents to pay the college costs for their children.

Emancipation and Paying For College

One might ask if a child is emancipated naturally at the age of 18, how can it be that parents are required to pay for college? In fact, child emancipation is the legal act by which the child is released from the control AND support of a parent. That means that by turning 18 years of age, emancipation is not automatically triggered. Children who turn 18 may continue to rely on parents, and child support doesn’t necessarily end when your child reaches age 18 unless your specific agreement states just that. Without that provision included in your divorce agreement, the termination of support will be determined by New Jersey Law which often includes paying for a child who attends college.

Factors Considered When Paying For College

  • The relationship of the child to the parents
  • The financial resources of the parents
  • Whether or not the parent would have contributed toward the costs of college if the family still lived together
  • Expectation that the child would attend college
  • Amount needed to fund a college education
  • Availability of financial aid
  • Financial resources of the child


Think of The Child Attending College First

Ultimately, divorce is hard and negotiating property division, alimony and child support, well, that is even harder. But, when you are considering the children, it is their future that should be given the priority. This priority is not money for the husband or the wife; rather it is to take care of your children, ensuring they get the college education they deserve.

Putting the children first and making them a priority is the right thing to do, and most people are usually able to understand that and act accordingly. Working together to make your children’s lives better will pay off in the end in many different ways.

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