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You’re Divorced with a Child, Not Grounded

Divorced with a Child, Not Grounded | Bloom Law Office, New Jersey

When the relationship between parents doesn’t work out, child custody agreements help keep the peace in the family and put the child first. One of the most common questions clients ask at Bloom Law Office is whether they can move if they’re divorced with a child. The answer is (almost) always yes, although that will likely drastically change your child custody agreement.

Crafting A Custody Agreement

A custody agreement is designed to protect the child, not punish either of the parents. In an increasingly global world, it’s become much more common for people to change jobs, switch industries, and accept promotions at a faster clip. Gone are the days when people would regularly spend fifty years at the same company to culminate in a gold watch. If you’ve been offered a job in a different city, state, or country, you’re not bound by parenthood to stay put. You are, however, going to need to negotiate a new child custody agreement with your ex-partner.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this gives spiteful ex-partners an opportunity to argue that you’re “choosing to leave” and don’t deserve regular shared custody or visitation rights. Moving is never grounds for negatively impacting your custody or visitation rights. That’s why you need a qualified divorce attorney to help you create a new agreement that allows you to take a new job while maintaining a fair agreement with your ex-partner.

In other cases, your ex-partner might be the one considering taking a new job. You’re rightfully worried that they’ll try to dramatically increase the amount of time they spend with your child. After all, it’s no longer going to be as easy as doing the “kid swap” when you’re not within driving distance of one another. Long traveling can be stressful for children, and might make it so that they are spending more time in transit than with their other parent.

Navigating Parental Relocation and Custody Agreements – Talk With Jeffrey M. Bloom

No matter what the circumstances of parental relocation, a new job is exciting but can throw a wrench in your parenting agreement. It’s time to connect with Bloom Law Office, where a divorce attorney can help you and your family create a new agreement that puts the child first.

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