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Don’t Let Facebook Ruin your Workers’ Comp Claim

Don’t Let Facebook Ruin your Workers' Comp Claim | Bloom Law Office

Don’t Let Facebook Ruin your Workers’ Comp Claim

It’s second nature to post our lives on social media, but when it comes to a workers’ comp claim, it’s best to keep quiet. In fact, it’s a good idea to go cold turkey on social media completely during the claims process. Bloom Law Office in West New York has too often seen clients who self-sabotage by posting details of their work-related injury on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Workers’ compensation is there to protect you, but it’s the job of your workers’ comp fraud investigators to discredit your claim if possible.

No amount of privacy settings or “speaking in code” is guaranteed to keep you safe. What’s so wrong about posting a selfie in the hospital after an injury? Isn’t it obvious that you were hurt—what could go wrong? What about a harmless snap of grabbing lunch at your favorite diner? You never know. Something as minor as a different date being noted on the post could be enough to draw out your workers’ compensation claim.

The 2013 documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply is currently trending on Netflix because it’s even more relevant now than it was five years ago. It shows how major organizations including the CIA quickly defaulted to social media platforms to glean information and find criminals. Social media platforms are more powerful than almost any other legal means to spy on a vast number of people. Today, people are more than happy to share dozens of photos, details of incidents, date stamps, locations, and much more on social media. It’s a veritable goldmine for anyone looking to discredit you.

Gather Your Workers’ Comp Team: Ask Jeffrey M. Bloom for Help

Just like you’ll (hopefully) have a team of workers’ comp attorneys working for you during a workers’ comp claim, the other side will also have their legal team at the ready. Workers’ comp insurance fraud investigators can easily access social media, including cached sites. They’re looking for anything that will work against you. Maybe you filed a claim from a back injury at work, but then posted an Instagram on vacation as you’re zip lining through the jungles of Costa Rica. Maybe your claim is for a repetitive stress injury, but you want to post about your latest sketches of landscapes. Your claim might be flagged instantly. It doesn’t mean you were necessarily committing fraud, but investigators can make it look like it. Protect yourself during your workers’ comp claim by connecting with Bloom Law Office today—and stay off social media.

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