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Get Famous, Get a Postnup: This Legal Contract is #Trending!

Get Famous, Get a Postnup: This Legal Contract is #Trending | Bloom Law Office

Get Famous, Get a Postnup: This Legal Contract is #Trending!

You know about prenups, but what about a postnup? Bloom Law Office specializes in family law, including postnuptial agreements, which are on the rise. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a prenuptial agreement signed after marriage. But why is it trending—and do you need one?

In 2015, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that half of divorce attorneys reported an increase in people looking for postnups since 2012. Unsurprisingly, most of these contracts were sought by women after they caught their husbands having an affair. When the straying partner gets caught and wants to save their marriage, a common plea is that they’ll do anything. Their partners seem to want to get those promises in writing.

The Guardian has also reported on the postnup trend, which has spread to many countries. The article opens with the drama of chick lit: “For Maria, her husband’s infidelity no longer causes her pain, because her revenge gives such phenomenal and perpetual delight.”

Of course, it’s not always women pursuing a postnup, but that’s certainly been the majority so far. Only you and your partner know if a postnup is for you. It’s also possible to modify a prenup, which is common if circumstances drastically change after marriage.

A few reasons you may want a postnup include:

  • You just got really famous, and it’s possible that your marriage might not survive such a drastic shift.
  • You’ve won the lottery and are starting to think living the single life dripping in wealth might suit you.
  • You inherited millions that you weren’t expecting from a distant relative and have realized it’s possible to change everything about your life.
  • Your spouse has changed, and you regret not getting a prenup. Maybe they cheated, or they’re the ones who came into a lot of money.

Seeking Postnup Help? Call Bloom Law Office Today

You don’t need a certain reason to seek out a postnup. Just keep in mind that it’s a contract that both parties need to sign, so don’t start the process unless you’re positive you want also to start that difficult conversation with your spouse. Bloom Law Office can help.

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