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Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim – A Timeline

Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Workers’ compensation cases generally take approximately one year or more to complete, although, every case is unique, with differing issues to resolve. Obviously, some are more complicated than others.

Therefore, it is extremely vital to return all phone calls and letters sent to you in regards to your claim. Your prompt responses will help facilitate the matter and get things resolved in a timely matter. Be your own advocate. And, note that no case can even begin until the injured party has completed their treatment.

Completing Treatment For Workers’ Compensation Claims

Once your treatment has been completed, it is then that your case is started. This is done with the filing of a Claim Petition. Once the Claim Petition is filed, your employer will have 30 days to file an answer. When this is completed, then discovery will begin.

Discovery is the process through which both sides exchange information necessary to prove or defend the case, and this process usually can take up to several months. Typically, your employer’s attorney will serve interrogatories upon our firm. These are written questions inquiring about your accident at work. Again, prompt return of the answers will facilitate faster finalization of your claim.

When the discovery is done, then both sides schedule examinations. You will be required to attend one examination with the workers’ comp insurance doctor and another with your employer’s doctor.

When you are meeting with either doctor, it is important to not minimize your injuries. Your symptoms and complaints will ultimately play a significant role in the medical evaluation of your case and ultimately the outcome of your case.

The process involved for resolving a workers’ comp case is long and complicated. Engaging the expertise and experience of a professional to deal with all the red tape and confusion is essential. Begin the case with the help of an attorney. Starting on your own, and then realizing you are in over your head, will cost you time and money.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

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