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Finding A Good Divorce Attorney

Finding A Good Divorce Attorney | West New York Lawyer Jeffrey M. Bloom

Finding and hiring a divorce attorney to handle your divorce is a very daunting decision. It may be that you are leaving a long-term marriage with children, assets, and debts to be divided, who represents you during your divorce can determine how well you fair both emotionally and financially for many years to come.

Divorce Attorney Fees

Inquiring about fees divorce attorneys charge is essential when you make your initial appointment with the divorce attorney. Inquire about the initial consultation fee. Some attorneys do brief initial consultations for free. However, most experienced divorce attorneys will charge between $100.00 and $200.00 as a consultation fee or will charge their standard hourly rate.

Additionally, find out what the attorney’s hourly rate is, what the up-front retainer will be, whether any portion of the retainer is refundable if it is not used.  And, inquire as to how often you can expect to receive invoices that detail the hourly charges and expenses that you are being billed. Insist on a contract signed by you and the attorney clearly outlining the fee agreement before contracting with a lawyer.

Good Communication Is Key With Your Divorce Attorney

It is imperative that your divorce attorney is accessible and prompt in responding to your phone calls, emails, and requests for meetings.

Ask the divorce lawyer about their office policy, and another area where you can best assess the divorce attorney is simply by hearing what former clients have to say. Not only should you be satisfied with the level of communication but, also with the connection you have with your attorney. It is imperative that you feel understood and that there is a natural give-and-take level of conversation.

Divorce Attorney Experience Is Key

An experienced attorney is essential. He will have an inside track on the judges in your jurisdiction, and this knowledge can be used in your favor. Also, the attorney should practice primarily in the field of divorce or family law, if your situation is unusual, for instance.

Do not be rushed into making a decision in hiring an attorney. It may take a couple of visits to determine whether or not you’re making the right choice for you and your situation. The lawyer/client relationship is the most important one that you will have while going through a divorce. Make sure it is a relationship you are comfortable with.

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