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How to Be Financially Prepared for a Divorce

Divorce and Family Lawyer Bergen County, NJ | Jeffrey M. Bloom

When it comes to filing for a divorce, the emotional impact can be so overwhelming, that you forget to prioritize the financial and legal aspects.

At the Family Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, our experienced West New York divorce attorney understands the complex facets of filing for a divorce, and he knows how to help you make the right legal choices.

When it comes to your finances however, there are steps you can take even before you enter the legal arena with Mr. Bloom at your side, such as:

  • Gathering your financial documents – Having documentation of your personal assets and liabilities before the divorce begins or early on in the divorce process will help you move forward more efficiently.
  • Knowing your credit score – If you and your spouse have joint credit cards or accounts and your spouse has poor credit, your credit may have suffered too. Knowing your credit score will help you best prepare for moving on financially after your divorce.
  • Having your own accounts – In the same way joint credit cards can negatively impact your credit score, having joint accounts can also complicate the process of dividing assets. If you have your own accounts, it will be easier to determine which assets belong to which spouse.
  • Using a financial planner – The financial implications of a divorce can be overwhelming, but a financial planner can help you simplify even the most complex issues to make them manageable.

Whether or not you can feasibly follow all of these suggestions, our experienced West New York divorce attorney can help you take appropriate legal action to make the process as smooth as possible. To schedule a consultation, call our family law firm at (855) 208-3650 today.

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