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How to Find a Divorce Attorney

How to Find a Divorce Attorney | Bloom Law Office, West New York

Just like roofers, you probably don’t start Googling divorce attorneys until you really need one. The Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom specializes in providing you with the highest quality divorce attorneys who work diligently for a fast and fair outcome. The sooner you start working with a divorce attorney, the sooner you can reclaim some peace of mind. Even the most amicable of breakups will have some complications, and it becomes more so if children are involved.

Sometimes, a divorce attorney also doubles as a child support attorney or child custody attorney. All three of these legal matters demand expertise, and “divorce attorney” often intersects with the full trifecta because children are frequently part of divorce proceedings. From creating a child custody agreement to making future modifications or ensuring you get the child support you deserve, no family breakup is easy. However, it can be made a lot smoother when you have the right legal support on your side.

Choosing the right divorce attorney usually starts with an online search. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in New Jersey, there’s a good reason the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom is one of the first law offices you’ve found—we’ve built a solid reputation based on years of experience and treating our clients the way they deserve. This is reflected in our online presence, testimonials, and reviews. Today’s “word of mouth” is often digital, and instead of being stuck with just a few opinions from friends and family, you now have access to genuine experiences and recommendations from thousands of people who have been in your situation.

The Right Attorney for Me

Making sure your divorce attorney is well-respected is just the first step. If your divorce involves children, you also need to make sure the attorney is skilled in child custody and child support cases. After you’ve pored over online reviews and done your (digital) due diligence, it’s time to schedule a consultation.

A sign of a great attorney is that they offer consultations and don’t pressure you to work with them. In-person meetings are essential because there’s a lot your gut instinct will tell you. (Of course, if in-person isn’t an option for you right now, a phone call or video chat is the next best thing.) Prepare for your consultation by writing down a series of questions. This will help drive the conversation and ensures you don’t forget anything during the meeting.

Questions for consultations will vary from person to person. Open-ended questions are often best, such as, “What exactly will you do for me as my divorce attorney?” If you have a special needs child, asking details about possible outcomes for child custody or child support is particularly important. Understanding how many clients the attorney represents at one time and knowing how many divorce cases they handled in the past year are also good indicators of how much time they will devote to you and how in-demand they are.

A great attorney will make the fees transparent and easy to understand. You should expect to know these figures after a consultation. It’s also important to create your own document that details any and all assets you and your spouse acquired before and during the marriage. This list doesn’t need to be completed during a consultation. Still, the sooner you have these figures (along with evidence such as bank documents), the more comprehensives meetings and consultations with attorneys will be.

Planning for a divorce is a lot more complicated than preparing for marriage. As two lives become intertwined, it becomes more and more challenging to relatively separate them—but don’t worry. With a quality divorce attorney who understands your needs and who will work towards a healthy, happy future for you, you’ll be in good hands. Choosing a divorce attorney might sound like a big undertaking, but with reviews at your disposal and your sharp instincts, you can find the perfect attorney for you.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom, we are committed to making your future bright. Call our office at 855-208-3650 to schedule your consultation with a divorce attorney today.

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