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Is It Possible To Increase My Child Support Payment?

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You live in West New York, you have child support payments arranged, but, as we all know, life can have a way of becoming unpredictable and circumstances change. Perhaps the support payment you have been getting no longer covers the basic needs of your child. What can be done?

Child support payments can be increased or decreased, and either parent can request a modification in support payments. Our purpose here is to concentrate on the increasing of the payment. There are a few things to consider when you are attempting to make a court ordered increase in your child support payment.

Show A Substantial Change In Circumstance To Change Child Support

This varies by state, but in West New York and throughout New Jersey, the requesting parent must prove to the court that since the support order was put into place, a significant change has occurred, whether it is an increase in salary, loss of a job, or change in the needs of the child. The parent can manipulate none of these changes. In other words, the parent cannot take a voluntary cut in pay or quit their job. These would not be considered qualifying reasons for change of circumstance.

Make The Child Support Modification Official

Any child support modification must be done with court approval for it to become official and effective. It must be done through the court system with an order specifying the new amount. A written or verbal agreement is not sufficient to be an official document. You must go to court for a judge to approve your agreement and then issue a new order reflecting the change.

Many written or verbal agreements fall apart if a relationship deteriorates. Always have a court ordered document in place. In most states, modifying the child support is fairly easy, and rarely requires a court hearing if the parents are in agreement.

When To Get Legal Help If You’re Changing Child Support

If you and your ex cannot come to an agreement on the modification, seeking some legal counsel is a necessity. Court procedures can become very complex very quickly. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation where agreeing to terms seems next to impossible, finding an experienced family law attorney becomes essential. They can help you navigate through the paperwork, advise you of your rights and represent your best interests.

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