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The Ins And Outs Of Workers’ Compensation

The Ins And Outs Of Workers’ Compensation | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

If you have been injured in a work-related accident or have suffered a disease due to your occupation, it is likely that you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. As with most insurance programs, the details of its policies and procedures – and the insurance company’s profit plans, it can make it hard to obtain a proper settlement.

The New York and New Jersey workers’ compensation programs have minor differences, but workers’ compensation benefits available to qualified employees include:

  • Medical benefits – Workers’ compensation pays all related medical treatment costs, including those for therapeutic treatments and the cost of travel to and from appointments.
  • Temporary total disability – When a doctor certifies that a worker cannot work because of a work-related injury, workers’ comp provides a weekly stipend up to a maximum period of time or until the worker’s doctor says the worker has recovered enough to return to work.
  • Temporary partial disability – Workers who return to “light” work that pays less than their regular job may obtain payments to help make up the difference in wages.
  • Permanent partial disability – Workers who suffer a lasting injury may obtain compensation for the effect their partial disability will continue to have on their ability to earn a living.
  • Permanent total disability – Workers who are determined to be unable to perform any paying job may obtain benefits for life, but they will have to show that they are still totally disabled to receive payments after 450 weeks (about 8 ½ years).
  • Death benefits – Dependants of a worker who has died from a job-related injury or illness may obtain payments for up to 450 weeks. Death benefits also include a funeral allowance.

An injured worker does not have to prove anyone was at fault to obtain workers’ compensation insurance benefits. However, they must be able to show that the injury or illness was related to job duties. Being drunk or on drugs will disqualify an employee from receiving benefits.

Claims can readily be denied or approved, and may not be appropriate. Rules and regulations of the workers’ comp program can be confusing and overwhelming. Without proper representation, it is possible that your claim may result in a negative decision.

It is best to not enter into an area like this without a person with expertise and experience in this area. Worker’s compensation can be involved and complicated, and because it can be a huge decision for your future, you should make certain that you have the information and knowledge behind you to ensure a positive outcome.

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