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Is Texting Thumb Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

Is Texting Thumb Covered? | Bloom Law Office, West New York

There has been a surge in “texting thumb” diagnoses thanks to our dependency on technology and our phones, where the average person in the US spends 23 hours a week texting and sends 40 emails each day. Bloom Law Office has also seen an increase in workers’ comp claims citing texting thumb as the injury. The term texting thumb can refer to a few things, including “trigger thumb” in which the flexor tendon in the thumb is constricted from repetitive gripping and thumb arthritis of the carpometacarpal joint (where the thumb meets the wrist).

There are a number of treatments for these conditions, but most won’t be followed by the average text addict. They include resting, not using your mobile devices as much, and calling instead of texting. From a workers’ comp stance, everyone wants to know if texting thumb qualifies as a workers’ comp claim. The answer is: it depends, but it will most likely be covered more commonly in the future.

It’s relatively easy to be diagnosed with some form of texting thumb. The issue is in proving that it was caused by work and that it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for a person’s job. This requires taking into account a person’s tasks and how often they are required to be on their phone or another mobile device exclusively for work. Employers who provide a work-only device for their employees can potentially set them up for an easier workers’ comp claim.

There are some jobs which are easier to link to texting thumb than others. For example, if you’re the head of social media and are expected to be on your phone all day every day, you are a likely candidate for texting thumb caused by work tasks. However, if you’re an entrepreneur who happens to get tons of email every day, that can be tougher to prove.

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