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How Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Changed the Public Marriage Conversation

How Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Changed Marriage | Bloom Law Office NJ

How Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Changed the Public Marriage Conversation

Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first celebrity to have an uber-brief marriage, and at Bloom Law Office we’ve seen plenty of short commitments. After all, one of her marriages lasted a (now infamous) 72 days, which is a lot longer than some other celebrities. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander were only married for 55 hours, Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra for nine days, Mario Lopez and Ali Landry for 19 days and Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley for 107 days. However, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries still come in at number one for shortest US marriage.
Still, consider the relevancy factor. Nobody’s talking about Nic Cage and Lisa Marie anymore because—well, no one’s talking about them anymore at all. Britney’s sham of a marriage provided great fodder for gossip for quite a while, but even that’s largely faded. As perhaps the most overexposed celebrity ever, Kim’s brief marriage stint still has the world talking years later. Why?

Marriage and Divorce Timing is Everything

Social media platforms abound, and everyone is more connected now than they were even during Britney’s time. It’s too easy to tweet opinions, blog about Kim’s failed marriage or make a meme and upload it to Instagram. In a lot of ways, Kim’s quickie marriage became a conversation changer due to her popularity and easy access to gossip. She might be married with two children (and two more on the way) now, but she’s still squarely in the spotlight.

Marriage Was Already Shaky

It’s no secret that not as many marriages are lasting in the US compared to 50 years ago. However, divorces did happen back in the day; they just weren’t as publicly torn apart as they are now. Kim’s specialty is putting it all out there for people to judge, and her marriage-turned-divorce provided ample ammunition to discuss short and failed marriages across the board.

Was it all for Show?

More than the 72-day factor, Kim and Kris’ marriage is being looked at as a sham. Obviously, the wedding with dripping in gaud and to call it an expensive affair would be a severe understatement. It’s not just the brevity of marriage that people oppose to. It’s the idea that it was a publicity stunt and, in an era where marriage equality is a hot topic, some people in the marriage conversation consider it a setback on the road to equality.

Is Divorce Too Easy?

A significant criticism is that divorce is simply too easy to get. How many marriages might be saved if it was a trickier process and people couldn’t file in the heat of the moment? The requirements are different in every state, and Bloomberg compiled a list of ease of divorce by state. Vermont was ranked the most difficult, with many judges suggesting couples go across state lines to file.

Kim’s Ongoing Struggle

During her first pregnancy, Kim Kardashian was stuck in a legal battle with Kris, who she was still legally married to. Whether or not his claims were true, he wanted an annulment since he says he felt swindled in the deal. Kim haters agreed with him. However, it showed that even with all of Kim’s money, it can’t buy anyone a quick divorce. Influence, power, and money really do have limits, which is something the marriage conversation had doubted for so long.

Where to Go from Here in Marriage and Divorce

The conversation about marriage and divorce will continue to change because that’s its nature. Fifty years ago, people were expected to get married—and stay that way. Of course, that didn’t always happen. However, with top reality stars like Kim Kardashian jumping leaving her husband in 72 days, that vastly changes how the American society sees marriage.

Is it okay to call a marriage off over 55 hours, 72 days or even ten years? Legally, the answer is yes. Morally, that’s something everyone has to answer for themselves, just like Kim. Are you considering divorce as the best option for you? Call Bloom Law Office at 855-208-3650 to schedule a consultation.

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