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Your Long Commute Might Be a Workers’ Comp Claim Waiting to Happen

Long Commute: Workers’ Comp Claim | Bloom Law Office, West New York

For those who commute to work, you may have noticed that those drives are getting longer, more congested, and more road-ragey than ever. Bloom Law Office specializes in workers’ comp claims, and there have been more and more reports of injuries happening while on the road. A lot of people don’t realize that their work-related injury can include mishaps that happen when they’re driving to and from work. You wouldn’t be stuck on that highway at 8 AM by choice.

Commuting is a peak time for a work injury. In the morning commutes, you’re tired and stressed out about being late. In the afternoon commutes, you’re still tired but now you’re in a rush to get home. Everyone else on the road is in the same condition. From getting cut off to being so tired, you don’t see the car stopping suddenly in front of you, accidents happen most often during rush hours.

Even a minor accident like a fender bender can cause serious injuries like whiplash. If you are in your car for anything work-related, including doing a bank drop for your boss or picking up catering for the morning meeting, you’re covered by your employer’s workers’ comp plan.

There’s a small silver lining to getting into an accident while on work-related driving duties. The incident will be reported to the police, which is a great paper trail for your workers’ comp claim. However, you’ll still want to report it to your employer immediately and get a workers’ compensation attorney working for you right away.

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A workers’ comp attorney takes care of all the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on getting better. It’s the best way to ensure a fast and correct worker’s comp payout. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re covered by workers’ comp—and neither do their employers. They forego compensation that is rightfully theirs. If you’ve been hurt on the job, or on the way to or from your job, get in touch with Bloom Law Office immediately.

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