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Successfully Lowering Child Support Payments

Successfully Lowering Child Support Payments | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Successfully Lowering Child Support Payments

Following a divorce, it is quite likely that at some point in time your financial situation could change and then, so must your child support payments. A fair amount today, may not be a fair amount in 5 or 10 years, depending on your situation. And, you have every right to modify your child support payments.

Guidelines To Modify Child Support Payments

There are state-specific guidelines to help ensure that you’re not paying too much child support. These guidelines use the following factors to determine child support payments:

  • Both parent’s income
  • Healthcare costs
  • Childcare
  • Child’s time spent with each parent


When a child spends minimal time with their non-custodial parent, child support payments will undoubtedly be higher. This is due to the fact that the parent is not responsible for any of the child’s costs aside from child support. Of course, should the non-custodial parent have their child on the weekend and all summer long, the support provided would be less as a result.

Modifying Your Child Support Amount

Be aware that as a non-custodial parent, trying to get the amount of child support that you pay lower will be a lengthy process. You will be required to prove extenuating circumstances that will justify not following the guidelines of the state.

Primary caregivers must be honest when they list their income and assets so that a fair amount of child support is provided. Altering the financial documents and list of assets will cause the custodial parent to receive a higher child support amount than deserved.

To be sure, modifying child support payments can be complicated and lengthy. With the help of an experienced attorney, the process will be far less stressful, and you will be more likely to succeed with the results you are striving for.

Child Support Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom can give you the help and guidelines you require to successfully lower your child custody payments. Mr. Bloom is a family law and workers’ compensation attorney with solid expertise. Give Mr. Bloom a call at (855) 282-8386 to set up an appointment to see where you stand in your quest to lower your child custody payments.

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