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Lowering The Cost of Your Divorce

Lowering the Cost of Your Divorce | Family Law Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

It’s difficult to determine what your divorce will cost as there are so many factors that are unique to your case. While the overall estimate can be provided through a retainer, there are still ways that you can reduce your costs.

First, try to keep your divorce as amicable as possible. Give your ex the pots and pans, the chair or the couch. Of course you should negotiate what is fair, but remember that an item that cost a couple hundred dollars can be replaced. In the interest of keeping things amicable and not running to your attorney, just give the $100 vacuum to your ex and not pay the $350 to fight over it.

Second, instead of litigation, try settling it through a collaborative divorce or mediation. While this may not work for everyone, a mediator is there to look after both of you and negotiate issues that are fair. You can still have your attorney, but s/he can give you talking points so that when you enter mediation, you can get in and get out quickly.

Third, save time by educating yourself and organizing your documentation. You can do some research online by visiting your local family court’s website to get some information about what your paperwork might be like, how much filing fees may cost, and more. If you need to prove something such as expenses, bills, assets, etc, start by keeping a list and update it when you feel like working on the project. You don’t need an attorney to do this for you – you can collect the information as a starting point and use that as a baseline for discussions. Once you’ve done your own research, create a list of questions that are more specific to your situation that you can bring to your attorney. The other option is to stay away and let your attorney do the work for you, which in turn increases the hours worked on the case. Be smart, thoughtful, calm, and proactive and you’ll save a nice amount in the end.

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The cost of divorce can look like a lot to take on when you’re faced with the decision to move forward. Keeping your thoughts, emotions, and reactions in check will help restore the peace of mind as well as your pocket-book. In the end, you’ll save the heartache and money and be on your way to a new life.  Jeffrey M. Bloom is a New Jersey Attorney with an office in West New York. Contact Mr. Bloom today to schedule a consultation – (855) 208-3650.

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