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A Divorce In Midlife… Now What?

Getting Divorced Midlife? Talk with Divorce Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

A Divorce In Midlife… Now What?

Statistics are reflecting that although the divorce rate in the general population has been slightly decreasing, the divorce rate among 50-60 year olds has been steadily increasing, doubling since 1990.

Of course, not everyone 50 and older is at high risk for divorcing. But, for those who do, there are lots of ramifications for the individual that is divorcing and for his or her family. One’s overall health can be affected greatly at the time of the divorce and later in life. Mental health could also suffer and all of this can put strains on an already strained situation.

Why Divorce Rates are Rising

The rising divorce rate of members of the older generation can affect their close and extended families, putting financial and emotional strain on all those involved. However, there may be some light at the end of this tunnel. There remains good news to take away.

  • People are living longer and they want more out of life. Older adults are experiencing better health and should they feel stuck in what has now become a dysfunctional marriage, why not live the next couple of decades in a “happy place.”
  • Remember, statistics mean nothing if you are in a happy marriage.
  • Knowing the divorce rates may make you more aware of the trend and motivate you to do something to save a stale marriage, it’s never too late to seek advice.
  • Demographically, not everyone is in the same statistical boat. Good health and economic resources may help you weather the storm in a rocky marriage.
  • Remember, there are still many more married people than divorced people in the 50-60 year old age range. Time can be on your side, as long-term bonds facing challenges, usually do last the test of time.


If you are soon to become a “gray divorcee,” you may take comfort in realizing that you are not an anomaly. You have a lifetime of experience to give you confidence in any direction you wish to take.

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