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Altruism Attracts Millennials to Workers’ Compensation Work

Millennials to Workers’ Comp Work | Bloom Law Office

Altruism Attracts Millennials to Workers’ Compensation Work

During this year’s Workers’ Compensation Institute’s Educational Conference, panelists noted that promoting the noble goal of caring for injured workers is key to attracting millennials to the workers’ comp field. In the next ten years, around 50 percent of the most experienced executives in claims work will retire.

According to one panelist, Wesley Hyatt, “In claims, the work is so service driven… that needs to be what we lead with.” He was part of a discussion on the future of the workers’ compensation field, and the talk also touched on the challenges of the influx of retirees overall. An older workforce means those near retirement age who get hurt on the job usually have more complicated claims. They might include age-related comorbidities. At the same time, the workers’ comp field is struggling with how to handle its own aging workforce.

A claims management manager specializing in disability and workers’ comp, Susan Emerson, said, “Most of us in this room know that when you lose an (experienced) examiner, you lost six to nine months in the claims process. Losing that knowledge on the claims just makes it more difficult.” However, there is hope.

Earlier this year, the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu firm surveyed a group of millennials born between the early 80s and mid-90s on their attitudes about work. It revealed that almost half of the 10,455 millennials think businesses are ethical, and the same amount think business leaders are dedicated to bettering society. What millennials value above all else is an employer that’s making a positive difference in the world. It’s a natural fit for the workers’ comp industry.

Still, it might not be so obvious to younger job seekers. Developing an advocacy model that showcases how workers’ comp actively helps workers might be the secret to attracting the best new candidates to the industry. The advocacy model is a newer change in the world of workers’ comp that priorities the well-being of the worker.

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