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Mothers Or Fathers – Who Has The Edge In A Custody Battle?

Child Custody Battle | West New York, NJ Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

If you are living in the West New York area and you are dealing with child custody, you may be wondering if mothers “edge” dads out in the child custody battlefield. Although many people assume that moms have more rights than dads, the truth remains that this is a falsehood. No custody law in the U.S. today gives mothers preference or more rights over fathers.

Why do we assume mothers have more rights in a custody battle?

Because historically the mother was the primary caregiver when the family was intact, it follows that many people believe that will continue after a divorce. It is also assumed that the father works outside of the home, leaving it impossible for him to assume custody. In the world today, nothing can be assumed. Parental roles are changing and therefore child custody can never be assumed.

Do gender preferences exist in child custody laws?

There is no gender preference in custody laws. With very young infants there may be a tendency to have the child remain with a breastfeeding parent, however, on the whole, there is no gender discrepancies in the law. Today, many mothers work outside the home to earn the income, while many fathers are stay-at-home dads and are the primary caregivers.

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