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New Hampshire Firefighters Covered for Cancer

New Hampshire Firefighters Covered for Cancer | Bloom Law Office

New Hampshire Firefighters Covered for Cancer

Some jobs come with more risks than others, but what happens when those risks are unique when it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim? Some of the language in these claims is murky, which is why Bloom Law Office encourages every claimant to make use of a workers’ compensation attorney. However, in New Hampshire, things just got a little easier for firefighters diagnosed with cancer.

Firefighters Covered for Cancer in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Governor Chris Sununu just signed a law that supporters say was 30 years in the making. According to SB 541, which is effective immediately, “there shall exist a prima facie presumption that cancer disease in a firefighter, whether a regular, call, volunteer, or retired member of a fire department, is occupationally related.” Many hope that the bill will set a precedence for workers’ compensation across the nation.

According to SB 541, the cancer must “be a type which may be caused by exposure to heat, radiation, or a known carcinogen, as defined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.” That leaves some room for disputes when it comes to claims, but also plenty of space for workers’ compensation attorneys to make compelling arguments.

Plus, a firefighter has to be employed for a minimum of 10 years to qualify. They must also prove that they’ve never used tobacco or smoked—which is bound to leave some out in the cold. The bill states that “The employer of a call or volunteer firefighter shall provide the required reasonable medical evidence to the firefighter to present as part of his or her claim.”

The firefighter must also provide proof that they were exposed to carcinogens as part of the claim. There’s a lot of red tape surrounding the new bill, which isn’t surprising. Some also argue that retired firefighters, in particular, are being targeted since they are expected not to smoke their entire lives, which is a rarity for some older generations. However, it’s still a step in the right direction. Contact Bloom Law Office for help with your workers’ compensation claim.

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